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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Humboldt-Fellow Prof. Dr. Jinjin Ha started research at the Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Components

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The IUL warmly welcomes Prof. Dr. Jinjin Ha, an Alexander von Humboldt research fellow from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) in the United States (US). During her fellowship, she will explore the stress superposition effect in the incremental forming process, manipulating properties like strength through martensite transformation, and reducing springback via residual stress changes. Prof. Dr. Ha will also delve into non-conventional material characterization and constitutive modeling for metallic plasticity, enhancing the prediction accuracy in numerical simulations. These research areas harmonize with IUL's strengths, fostering interdisciplinary research from materials to manufacturing processes and experiments to numerics.

Prof. Dr. Ha has been an assistant professor in the mechanical engineering department at UNH since 2020. She earned her doctoral degree from POSTECH in South Korea in 2016 and conducted post-doctoral research at UNH and The Ohio State University (OSU) in the US before joining UNH. In March 2023, she was awarded the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for experienced researchers, further enriching her academic journey.

Experienced researchers of above-average talent from all nations and different disciplines whose doctorate was awarded no more than twelve years ago can apply for an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, working at least at the level of Assistant Professor or Junior Research Group Leader or have a record of several years of independent academic work. The fellowship provides the researchers an opportunity lasting between 6 and 18 months in cooperation with an academic host at a research institution in Germany.