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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Property control of semi-finished products

The lecture deals with the influences of material properties on the manufacture of semi-finished products, focusing on both the change of properties in forming processes and the reaction of the processes to changed properties. In the manufacturing process, the mechanical properties of semi-finished products and thus also those of the subsequent end products are set. These depend to a large extent on the microstructure, which is determined by the process parameters. This lecture teaches the relationships between the process, the microstructure and the properties for the process chains to the rolled and profiled semi-finished product. Special emphasis is placed on the simulation of material changes and their consideration in process simulations.

The lecture is aimed at students with an interest in production engineering, materials engineering and simulation. Methods for the consideration and design of processes in the process chain of semi-finished product production are taught and the importance of semi-finished product properties for further processing, e.g. sheet metal forming, is made clear.

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