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Extrusion press, 10 MN (direct), suitable for curved profile extrusion, SMS Meer

Machine type Strangpresse 10 MN (direkt)
Manufacturer SMS Meer GmbH
built in 2004
Mechanical Data  
compressive force, nominal, at 285 bar 10 MN
extrusion punch
compressive force main piston 9,88 MN
compressive force feed and retraction unit 0,44 MN
compressive force total 10,32 MN
retraction force 0,21 MN
press stroke 500 mm
pressing velocity, variable ca. 0,1 - 10 mm/s
container clamping force 1,15 MN
retraction force 0,78 MN
container stroke 530 mm
hole diameter 146 mm
container length 350 mm
press block, hot 250 - 300 mm
discard shear 0,35 MN
height above ground ca. 3610 mm
circumscribing circle/tool package
circumscribing circle diameter max. 145 mm
tool package diameter 400 mm
tool package height 240 mm
rotary extruder
cuvature radius min. 720 mm
hydraulic data
high pressure oil pump (1x), with
operating pressure max. 285 bar
conveyed volume max. 175 l/min
conveyed volume 132 kW
drive speed 1500/min
engine model B 35
engine model IP 55
high pressure oil pump (1x) flange-mounted on drive shaft of the a.m. high pressure oil pump
operating pressure max. 285 bar
conveyed volume max. 56 l/min
drive speed 1500/min
pressure-maintaining pump (1x), with
adjustable operating pressure max. 315 bar
conveyed volume max. 9 l/min
drive power 5,5 kW
drive speed 1500/min
engine model V1
engine protection IP 54
filter and cooling pump(1x), with
operating pressure 10 bar
conveyed volume max. 90 l/min
drive power 4 kW
drive speed 1500/min
engine model V1
engine protection IP 54
filling valve (1x), with
nominal size DN 125
oil tank (1x), with
oil tank volume ca. 2500 l
oil filter and cooling station (1x), with
filtering unit  
cooling performance  
cooling water consumption (water inlet temperature max. 20 °C) 3000 l/h
electrical data
operating voltage  3 x 400 V
frequency 50 Hz
connected load ca. 250 kW
control voltage
engines 3 x 400 V 50 Hz
engine switchboard 230 V 50 Hz
PLC - control system 230 V 50 Hz
limit switch 24 VDC
rotary encoder 24 VDC
solenoid valve 24 VDC
control system
Siemens S7  
environmental conditions
temperature max. 40 °C
installation altitude max. 1000 m above sea level
electrical equipment standard
according to EN 60204 - 1, DIN IEC  
1 resistance heating zone ca. 15 kW
container opening for block Ø (5,5") 139,7 +0/-2 146 mm
specific pressing force (10 MN) ca. 597 N/mm²
container length 350 mm
extrusion punch, dummy block
for 146 mm container opening
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Bild einer Maschine