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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Hydraulic drawing press, 1000 kN, HYDRAP HPSZK 100-1000/650

Machine type Hydraulische Einständer-Ziehpresse HPSZK 100 - 1025/650
Manufactur SCHULER-HYDRAP GmbH & Co. KG
technical data  
compressive force 1000 kN
retraction force 125 kN
stroke 600 mm
stroke speed down 350 mm/sec
stroke speed load 20 - 43 mm/sec
stroke speed up 330 mm/sec
drawing cushion  
compressive force 250 kN
stroke 200 mm
machine data  
machine weight ca. 12250 kg
tooling weight max. 1500 kg
hydraulic oil weight ca. 510 kg
oil tank capacity ca. 590 l
installed capacity ca. 39,5 kW
current consumption ca. 73 A
cooling power 12 kW
water inlet temperature max. 25 °C
water consumption 15 l/min
pressure drop water side 3 bar
water joints inlet G 3/4
water joints outlet G 3/4
foundation load  
static ca. 130 kN
dynamic ca. 30 kN
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Bild einer Maschine