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Department of Mechanical Engineering
Weitere Umformmaschinen

Further Forming Machines

  5-Axis-milling machine, DMU 50 by DMG MORI
  CNC rotary draw bending machine, DB 2060-CNC-SE-F by Transfluid Maschinenbau
  Hydraulic punching machine, 220 kN, TruPunch 5000 by Trumpf
  Machine for electromagnetic forming, 1.5 kJ, PPT SMU 1500 (recuperationable), self-built at IUL
  Machine for electromagnetic forming, 32 kJ, Magneform 7000 by Maxwell
  Machine for electromagnetic forming, 6 kJ, SMU 0612 FS by Poynting
  Machine for incremental profile forming, self-built at IUL
  Machine for incremental tube forming, IRU2590 by Transfluid Maschinenbau
  Multi-axes forming press, five axes of motion up to 100 kN, prototype by Schnupp
  Press brake, 1300 kN, TrumaBend V 1300X by Trumpf
  Profile bending machine with stress superposition by rolling, self-built at IUL
  Roll forming machine RAS 24.10 by Reinhardt Maschinenbau
  Rolling Mill with two work rolls, BW 200 by Mühlacker
  Spinning machine, APED 350NC by Leifeld
  Spring coiling machine, FUL42 by Wafios
  Swivel bending machine, FASTI 2095 by FASTI
  Three-roller-bending machine, RZM 108-10/5.5 by FASTI
  TSS-3D Profile bending machine, self-built at IUL