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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Material Testing Machines

  Equibiaxial compression testing machine, self-build at IUL
  In-plane torsion test setup, self-built at IUL
  Plastometer, 1 MN, self-built at IUL
  Roughness Tester, Marsurf XR1 and GD26 by Mahr
  Servo-hydraulic testing machine with HT-resistance heating system up to 1200 °C and protective gas vacuum chamber, LFV-100-HH by Water + Bai
  Sheet metal testing machine, 1000 kN, BUP1000 by ZwickRoell
  Sheet metal testing machine, 200 kN, 142/20 by Erichsen
  Universal testing machines (1x 10 kN Erichsen, 1x 100 kN ZwickRoell, 4x 250 kN ZwickRoell)