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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Measurement Technique and Electronics

  2D Laser Position Sensor, scanCONTROL 3012-50/BL by Micro-Epsilon
  3D-coordinate measurement machine, PRISMO VAST 5 HTG by Zeiss(in cooperation with the Institute of Machining Technology, TU Dortmund University)
  3D-Profilometer, VR-5200 by Keyence
  3D-video measuring system, A250 by Optomess
  3MA-II measurement system by Fraunhofer IZFP
  Density measurement system, IMETER V6 by MSB Breitwieser MessSysteme
  Digital oscilloscopes with 4 channels (HDO6104A and Waverunner 104 MX by LeCroy, TDS420A by Tektronix)
  Hardness tester, Diatestor 2 RC/S by Wolpert
  Infrared Camera, Infratec VarioCam HD head 680 S by Infratec
  Infrared measuring device, PYROSKOP 273 C
  Large volume SEM, Mira XI by Visitec (in cooperation with the Institute of Machining Technology and the Lehrstuhl für Werkstofftechnologie, TU Dortmund University)
  Laser extensometer for universal testing machines, laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ by ZwickRoell
  Laser-based Photon-Doppler Velocimeter for the measurement of high workpiece velocities
  Laser Surface Velocimeter for non-contact velocity measurement
  Light optical microscope, adapted for polarization, Axio Imager.M1m by Zeiss
  Optical 3D deformation analysis: 4x ARAMIS (2x 5M + 1x 4M + 1x 2M) and 1x ARGUS by GOM
  Optical 3D digitizer: 2x ATOS Triple Scan and 1x TRITOP by GOM
  Optical 3D motion analysis, 1x PONTOS 4M by GOM
  Optical frequency domain reflectometer, space- and time-resolved measurement of temperature and strain, ODiSI-B10 by Polytec
  Pressure Measurement System using thin film tactile pressure sensors, I-Scan System by Tekscan
  Pyrometer, Near infrared and multi-wavelength, 3 pc. (Metis M308, Metis M316 and Metis M318) by Sensortherm
  Residual stress measurement by means of hole drilling technique and Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI), Prism by Stresstech
  Residual stress measurement by means of hole drilling technique and strain gauge measurement, Milling Guide RS-200 by Micro-Measurements
  Tabletop SEM-EDX: Coxem EM-30 PLUS by RJL Micro & Analytic
  Thermal imaging camera, thermoIMAGER TIM M-1 by Micro- Epsilon
  Thickness measuring device, CL 304 by Krautkrämer
  Ultrasonic Thickness Sensor, 38DLPLus by Olympus
  X-ray diffractometer for measuring residual stresses, Xstress 3000 by Stresstech