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Department of Mechanical Engineering


  Autonomous Mobile Robot, LD-90 by Omron
  Belt grinding machine, PB-1200-100S by Baier
  CNC turning machine, NEF 400 by DMG MORI
  DC-Power Supply, LAB/HP 4020 by ET-System
  Electrolytic polishing and etching machine, Kristall 650 by Stresstech
  Encapsulated postprocessing cabin for additive manufactured parts, ENESKApostpro by joke Technology
  Etching and polishing station, LectoPol-5 by Struers
  High-frequency generator, 10 kW, Axio 10/450 by Hüttinger
  High-performance metal circular saw, AL 380 by Häberle
  High-Temperature chamber furnaces, up to 1200°C and 160 l volume, N60/65 HA, N120/85 HA and
N161 by Nabertherm
  Hydraulic power units and pressure intensifiers up to 4000 bar (3x)
  Hydrostatic roller burnishing tools with and without couplings for automatic tool change, HG6,
HG13 and HG19 by Ecoroll
  Industrial robots, 3x 6-axes robot (KR 5 sixx R650, KR 90 R3700 prime K and KR 30-3) by KUKA
  Laser processing center, LASERCELL TLC 1005 by Trumpf
  Measuring rack, HP-4-2082 by Boxdorf
  Medium-frequency generator, 40 kW with coax transformer, TruHeat 3040 and 7040 by Trumpf
  Mitring band sawing machines, HBS 265 DG by Klaeger
  Power source for resistance welding, 500 kW, Genius HWI436WA by ProCon / Harms & Wende
  Roll seam welding machine, UN 63 pn by Elektro-Schweißtechnik Dresden
  Several machines for machining purposes
  Tabletop cut-off machine Discotom-100 by Struers (in cooperation with the Institute of Machining Technology, TU Dortmund University)
  Tensile testing punch press, 1200 kN, ZS1200CN by Schütz + Licht
  Tensile test specimen grinder, PSM 2000 by Schütz + Licht