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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Process Development and Technology Transfer of a Combined Forming Process for the Production of Graded Profiles for Lightweight Applications (ProLeit)

  • Profil- und Blechumformung
  • Technologieentwicklung
  • Industrienahe Forschung
a) Combined rolling and drawing process, b) Formed workpiece (first tryout) © IUL
a) Combined rolling and drawing process, b) Formed workpiece (first tryout)
Funding BMWi
Project 03LB2015B

Niklas Hoenen M. Sc.

In collaboration with Otto Fuchs KG and MSG Maschinenbau GmbH, the BMWi- funded project is conducted with the objective to develop a combined rolling and drawing process for tubes and profiles (see figure). The purpose of the process is to locally reduce or even completely alter the cross section of extruded profiles with the goal to produce lightweight parts. The project involves the development and application of a machine prototype and analytical and numerical investigations to predict the resulting geometry and the process limits. The project will further explore the possibility of extending the applicability to advanced profile cross sections as well as high-strength materials such as aluminum alloys of the 7000 series and steels. This will require the successful development of lubrication systems, a precise machine control, and the accurate characterization of the materials. Finally, the knowledge developed through the analyses shall permit the development of a databank, which, along with the use of analytic tools, shall be able to predict product geometry and other characteristics.