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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Joint Project: Concepts for the Resource-Efficient and Safe Production of Lightweight Structures (KORESIL)

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Virtual reality model of the KORESIL process chain © IUL
Virtual reality model of the KORESIL process chain
Project 02P20Z004
Contact Joshua Grodotzki M. Sc.

The joint project KORESIL, which started in spring 2021, combines the expertise of the IUL with that of the Institute of Lightweight Structures and Plastics (ILK, TU Dresden), the Institute of Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb, TU Munich), the Laboratory of Materials and Joining Technology (LWF, Paderborn University), and the Institute of Processing Machinery (IAM, TU Bergakademie Freiberg) to analyze a closed process cycle. Starting in Dortmund, where a battery box profile is extruded from chips, structural elements made of metals and polymers are subsequently applied at the iwb as well as ILK. The LWF then joins and later disassembles several profiles with cover sheets before the actual recycling takes place at the IAM and the raw materials are distributed back to the sites to run through the process chain again. This technical pillar of the project is flanked by a virtual representation of the entire process chain. This is to be used both virtually and augmented in order to be able to carry out socio-technical analyses as well as training measures.