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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Production of Sheets by Hot Extrusion of Aluminum Chips

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Process chain for the production of chip-based sheets © IUL
Process chain for the production of chip-based sheets

German Research Foundation (DFG)

Project 437426733

André Schulze M. Sc.

The direct processing of aluminum chips into semi-finished and final products is an energy- and resource-saving recycling method compared to the conventional remelting process route. The aim of the research project is to produce sheets from aluminium chips and to investigate their ability for further forming processes. Chip-based sheets are realized by a new process chain consisting of hot extrusion of aluminium chips to a cylindrical open profile, flattening and subsequent rolling. The properties of the hot extruded chip-based sheets are examined by tensile tests and microstructural investigations. The results show comparable mechanical and microstructural properties to sheets made from conventional cast billets. Further forming of the chip-based sheets is analyzed by producing bent components and deep-drawn cups. No significant differences are found between the bent components or the deep-drawn cups made from chips and those made from cast material in terms of their suitability for further plastic forming operations.