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The tube bending lab is designed along the lines of problem based learning and will make the students tackle a (simulated) real-world problem, whose solution will be in the form of a bent tube. The students would first understand the problem statement and the boundary conditions thoroughly and come up with a solution(s). Over the course of the lab the students would be required to design the bent tube, plan the processing steps, determine the process parameters necessary to manufacture the bent tube to tolerance  and subsequently manufacture the tube. Through the course of their actions, the students will learn and familiarize themselves with fundamental bending topics such as springback, wrinkling, use of mandrel etc. and the dependency on the final product properties on the chosen input process parameters.

This lab provides 3CP.

Registration must be done via E-Mail to Eike Hoffmann (contact below).

The language of the course is either German or English, depending on the participants.

Maximum capacity: 9 students

06.04.: Registration deadline
10.04.: Participants will be contacted
10.04.: moodle course will be updated
13.04.: Kick-Off Meeting 16:30 (Participants must attend, Link in moodle)

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